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        55 Living Room Decor Tricks for a Standout Space

        Expert pointers for a stylish and functional space.

        living room ideas
        Michael J. Lee

        Much like the kitchen, the living room is the heart of the home. It's where you enjoy family movie nights, unwind with a good book, or even help your kids tackle their homework assignments. Since it's used in so many different ways, it's important for your living room to be outfitted with the right furniture, including a comfortable sofa, and decorative pieces. It also presents the opportunity to show off your design aesthetic.

        If you're stumped on how to craft a space that's equal parts stylish and functional, see our roundup of 55 standout living room ideas. Whether your goal is to simply refresh your living room for the season or completely revamp it, you're bound to find the perfect design idea for you.

        living room ideas rustic decor
        Lincoln Barbour
        1 of 56
        Rustic Flair

        Wooden beams and decorative pieces can add texture and play up a living room's rustic flair.

        living room ideas
        Layla Palmer
        2 of 56
        Collected Look

        An all-white living room doesn't have to be boring. Achieve a collected look by displaying potted greenery, decorative trays, and an assortment of vessels on your mantel.


        living room
        Abby Murphy
        3 of 56
        Colorful Light Fixture

        Refresh an unsightly light fixture with a few simple coats of paint, round bulbs and pom-pom fringe for a whimsical touch. Bold colors overhead pull together the room's eclectic vibe.

        Molly Sims living room with bookshelf
        Peter Murdock
        4 of 56
        Streamlined Shelves

        Upgrade your storage by removing the jackets off old books (you can load up at yard sales) to expose the stitching or covering your collection with coordinating papers.

        mirror on mantel in living room
        Mike Garten
        5 of 56
        Tilted Mirror

        For a relaxed mantel look, rest a sturdy style against the wall – no hammering required.


        living room bar cart and plant
        Mary Costa
        6 of 56
        Lush Leaves

        Fill any underused nook or corner with an oversized plant to make it the focal point of the room. Tuck the pot in a woven basket for an extra punch.


        good housekeeping get organized
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        Sunny Painted Brick Fireplace
        Stacey Brandford
        8 of 56
        Painted Brick

        Update an old-school brick fireplace (or wood paneling) with a coat of cream-colored paint. Take that, '70s-era decor.

        blue and gray living room
        Ball and Albanese
        9 of 56
        Soothing Palette

        Let the vibes flow from room-to-room with another clever paint tip. "I often paint a home one color throughout," says Susana Simonpietri, interior designer and co-founder of Chango & Co. "Or, I'll try the softest hue in the room that gets the most natural light, then work through the rest of the home with deepening shades of blue and gray."

        slate and copper living room
        Erika LaPresto/Studio D
        10 of 56
        Slate and Copper

        Pair metallic accents (we see you, adorable end table) with traditional wood pieces to add depth and visual interest to your living room.


        pink and gray living room by katie rosenfeld
        Michael J. Lee
        11 of 56
        Better Flow

        It’s not as much about where you place your furniture as it is about the style of pieces you choose. "In each room I design, I try to include at least one round piece, such as a coffee table, that people can walk around without bumping their knees," says interior designer Katie Rosenfeld. "I also add a few armchairs and a versatile piece like a garden stool that can be used as a stool to sit on or as a table for a drink."


        white textured living room
        Lisa Romerein
        12 of 56
        Streamlined Screen

        Don't let your primetime viewing habits impede your style. "Go for a slim TV (mine is a Samsung), and use a thin mount that lets it sit flat against the wall," says lifestyle blogger Carley Knobloch. "Then have the wires threaded through the wall so it looks uncluttered."

        Blue Velvet Sofa in Living Room
        Mike Garten
        13 of 56
        Velvet Sofa

        Make your living room feel much airer (and spacious) by replacing a bulky sectional with pretty seating. Besides, what feels more luxe than velvet?

        White, Room, Furniture, Interior design, Shelf, Table, Home, House, Wall, Living room,
        Emily Johnston
        14 of 56
        Dual-Purpose Bar Cart

        Setting up a booze station on your bar cart is a no brainer — but using it as an end table (especially when space is limited) to showcase blooms, art, and coffee table books is just brilliant.


        open floor plan living space
        Jason Hartog
        15 of 56
        Low Furniture

        Short pieces, like this tufted couch, give an open floor plan a cozy feel. Use area rugs to define individual "rooms" within the space.

        navy living room
        Kate Osborne
        16 of 56
        Navy Walls

        Give beige a break. Dramatic hues can drench a large living room, like this inky wallpaper. The deep blue provides a surprisingly neutral backdrop.

        Comfy Couch in Living Room
        Art Streiber
        17 of 56
        Comfy Seating

        Your style may be polished, but your furniture can still be cozy. Plush sofas and armchairs rule the roost in Ellen Pompeo's L.A. home. "It's fancy in a cool way, not in an 'I can't sit there' way," she says.

        family room storage
        Kate Osborne
        18 of 56
        Chic Storage

        Need space, stat? Swap boring shelving for more decorative options, then load up on fabric boxes or baskets to hide an overflow of knick knacks.


        Jason Hartog
        19 of 56
        Slim Footprint

        Save square footage without sacrificing seating by using dining chairs in the living room. A rattan-and-cane perch takes up less real estate than a traditional recliner.

        Living Room With White Sofa
        Lisa Romerein
        20 of 56

        Yep, white furniture can work in a house with kids. Just choose durable fabrics (a leather couch) and surfaces (the plastic rocker, the lacquer table) that wipe clean easily.


        Living Room Fireplace
        Kelsey Rose for Homepolish
        21 of 56
        Statement Rug

        The key to subtle color lays at your feet. A patterned carpet plays up the neutral furniture in a New Jersey home, while a similarly-hued pillow adds another punch to the armchair.


        Pom Pom Curtains - DIY Home Decor
        Mike Garten
        22 of 56
        Fast Fixes

        Makeover a room by rethinking the pieces you already have. Use up leftover wall paint on the frame of an old chair or refresh curtains and pillows by sewing fancy trim along the edge.


        beach house living room
        Lisa Romerein
        23 of 56
        Subtle Pattern

        Avoid future boredom with calm colors using texture and pattern. In a dreamy beach house, muted prints in the same palette keep a neutral room from looking bland.

        Bright Living Room
        Casey Dunn
        24 of 56
        Sheer Curtains

        The quickest way to let light in starts at the source. Replace heavy fabric curtains with gauzy ones, making sure the panels go all the way to the floor. To accentuate a tall ceiling, mount the drapes about a foot above windows and doors.

        Use old wood planks or barn board from a salvage shop to add a bonus shelf to the base of a coffee table. Original details, like weathered paint, offer extra character!
        Mike Garten
        25 of 56
        Second Surface

        Change up tired decor with this quick DIY. Add old wood planks to a coffee table as a bonus shelf. And skip painting — the weathered finish has more character.


        open living room
        Hulya Kolabas
        26 of 56
        Easy Access

        An open floor plan like in this Connecticut cottage creates one large space for entertaining. Two columns (garage-sale finds from years ago) stand at the corners of the kitchen, anchoring the room.

        Sarah Richardson Living Room
        Stacey Brandford
        27 of 56
        Dark Accent

        Look to the opposite end of the color spectrum to tie everything together. A moody blue grounds a windowed living room by Sarah Richardson without overwhelming it.

        neutral living room
        Mike Garten
        28 of 56
        Sneaky Furniture

        Steal a space-faking secret from this tiny Brooklyn apartment. Choose a few full-size furniture pieces instead of cramming in lots of smaller ones. The living room will feel larger, and you'll have a sofa you actually like to sit on.

        Sarah Richardson Cottage
        Stacey Brandford
        29 of 56
        Bonus Materials

        Don't forget to punctuate color with natural texture. Sarah Richardson used wicker baskets, a wood-frame mirror, and an antique pine dresser to warm up this rustic cabin.


        Beach House Living Room
        Jacob Snavely
        30 of 56
        Blank Space

        Start with an all-white canvas and swap in seasonal accents all year-round. This summery living room uses cool blues, jute accessories, and nautical accents for a beachy vibe.

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