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        52 Unique Gifts for Girlfriends That Prove Just How Thoughtful You Are

        Bring out your romantic side with these ideas that'll wow her.

        gifts for girlfriends

        She may not be dating you for your gift-giving skills, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't show them off whenever you get the chance. This Christmas, impress her with one of these gifts for girlfriends, whether you opt for something more personalized or straight-up cute. While this list includes several tried-and-true standbys — think: watches, purses, and pajamas — it's also full of unique gift ideas that'll prove to your girlfriend just how good of a listener you really are. There's something special for every type of woman out there, including (but not limited to) fashionistas, foodies, homebodies, romantics at heart, and book lovers. Plus, if she happens to be celebrating a big milestone, there are a number of sentiment-heavy gift ideas that best express your pride, admiration, and most of all, love. All of these picks, which range from funny (but all too relatable) presents to handmade jewelry, are so spot-on that she'll be impressed (surprised, really) that she hadn't picked them out herself.

        And if you just so happen to be shopping at the last minute, we've got you covered with a bunch of last-minute gift ideas on Amazon that come with two-day Prime shipping. Consider this our gift to you!

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        An Affordable Way to Give Jewelry
        Mantra Bangle
        Kendasun Jewelry amazon.com

        This bracelet's engraving, "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think," serves as a constant reminder of just how incredible she is. Pick from rose gold, gold, or silver to match her watch or other most-worn accessories. 

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        Wireless Charger
        QI-EU amazon.com
        $25.99 (13% off)

        The more devices she has, the more cords, cables, and chargers she has on her nightstand. Help her stay fully charged and mess-free with this compact charging station, which wirelessly charges compatible iPhones and Androids, smart watches, and AirPods. 

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        Go Romantic or Funny
        I Wrote a Book About Us
        Compendium, Inc. amazon.com

        Your writing skills shouldn't hold you back from putting your storybook romance on paper. Throughout this 64-page book, there are fill-in-the-blank prompts to get your creative juices flowing, like "I will never get tired of the way we _________."

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        Cute Way to Get Personal
        Custom Name Ring
        GracePersonalized etsy.com

        To guarantee a happy holiday, make sure she's not expecting that kind of ring before gifting her this beauty. Once you get that out of the way, customize this dainty ring with her name or a word that sums up your relationship (forever, perhaps?).

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        gift republic
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        100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
        Gift Republic amazon.com

        Consider this a gift for both of you. This ready-to-hang poster invites you to watch — and then check off —  100 of Hollywood's best movies, from The Goonies to Citizen Kane

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        the comfy
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        Funny Way to Combat "I'm Cold" Complaints
        Wearable Blanket
        THE COMFY amazon.com
        $39.99 (11% off)

        Make sure she's comfy — literally — for all of her Netflix binges and Hallmark Christmas movie marathons with this gift. Just as the name describes, this blanket sweatshirt gives her the best of both worlds: the comfort of a sherpa-lined blanket with sleeves and pockets for functionality's sake. 

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        Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager
        Zyllion amazon.com

        When aches and pains kick in, she can stick this kneading massage pillow wherever her body needs it most: tense shoulders, strained back muscles, tight hamstrings, you name it. Beats your sub-par back rub, no?

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        Custom Map Art
        Minted minted.com

        With this sentimental print, you can commemorate where you bought your first home as a couple, her college town, or her hometown. Cue the (happy) tears. 

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        Rose Gold Watch
        NINE WEST amazon.com

        You know the drill: She gushes about the flowers you buy her every year, but sulks when they die. With this blush and rose gold watch, she can keep fresh florals on her wrist 247, 365 days a year. 

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        Initial Disc Necklace
        MignonandMignon amazon.com

        Add her initial to this dainty necklace, which comes in gold, rose gold, or silver. You can add up to seven discs on one chain to spell out an important word, her name, or add initials of other family members (maybe yours?).  

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        Homesick Scented Candle
        Homesick amazon.com

        Just because she isn't with you at home doesn't mean she can't indulge in the scents that made up her childhood, college years, or another time that she cherishes most. Each soy candle is scented with natural fragrances that correspond with its given state (Texas smells like leather, pine, and lemon, for example). 

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        Personalized AirPods Case
        AprilandKiwi etsy.com

        For a cheap but chic gift idea, give her AirPods a makeover with this black or brown leather case engraved with her initials, monogram, name, or nickname. That way her headphones will be protected and easily distinguishable from yours.  

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        Stretch Your DIY Skills
        Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box
        DUSTandTHINGS etsy.com

        Give her a place to store evidence of your best moments, from ticket stubs to handwritten notes. In addition to the engraving on the box's lid, you have the option to write a personal message on the bottom of the box or inside the lid. 

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        Leather Backpack
        Nevenka amazon.com

        A cross between a backpack and a purse, this top-rated Amazon find is lightweight enough for everyday use but still comes with enough storage space to hold her tablet, e-reader, water bottle, and other on-the-go essentials.

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        Something Cute for Her At-Home Desk
        Cactus Room Diffuser
        ROUND A’ROUND amazon.com

        Like the reed diffusers she sticks all around the house, but way cuter. These adorable cacti, which emit a subtle floral or fruity scent depending on the variety you pick, are small enough to fit on most desks, shelves, and end tables.

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        Cross Band Plush Slippers
        HALLUCI amazon.com

        When she's home, she can kick back, relax, and throw on these TikTok-approved slippers. While trendy, they also live up to the hype — some Amazon reviewers even gush that they "feel like a hug on my feet."

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        Unique Way to Go Practical
        Personalized Water Bottle
        S'well www.swell.com

        She may already have a cabinet full of water bottles, but does she have one as pretty as this? For an extra $10, personalize this vacuum-insulated water bottle with her name or initials, so she doesn't mix it up with anyone else's.

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        Mark & Graham
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        A Personalized Gift That Always Wins
        Petite Travel Jewelry Case
        Mark & Graham www.markandgraham.com

        Even if she doesn't have any travel plans on her radar, this pebbled vegan leather jewelry case will look pretty sitting on her vanity or nightstand. Personalize it with a pop of color (shadow printed letters) or something more classic (foil debossed characters).

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        Surprise Her Month After Month
        Korean Sheet Mask Subscription Box
        FaceTory amazon.com

        After all the sheet masks you've "borrowed" from her, use FaceTory to help pay her back. The monthly subscription box comes packed with four or seven Korean sheet masks, targeting different skin wants and needs. 

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        Serena Williams Jewelry
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        Works Well for Long-Distance Couples
        Unstoppable with All Your Heart ID Bracelet
        Serena Williams Jewelry serenawilliamsjewelry.com

        Your love for her is unstoppable, and the pave diamond heart in the center of this bracelet tells her just that. Since it's dainty, she can wear it for any and every occasion, whether she's running errands or all dolled up for an important event. 

        The Giving Keys
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        Sweet Way to Give Back
        Mini Key Post Earrings
        The Giving Keys thegivingkeys.com

        Because some days she needs to see it to believe it. When wearing these gold or silver key earrings, she'll be reminded of all the love she has in her life and feel encouraged to give it back to others.

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        2021 Live Life Beautifully Planner
        Good Housekeeping goodhousekeeping.com

        Each time she opens this planner in the year ahead, she'll feel inspired to live a simpler, happier life. Along with the weekly calendar pages, it's packed with family-friendly recipes, organizing tricks, and helpful how-tos.

        Uncommon Goods
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        Couples Can Enjoy It Together
        Votes for Women Puzzle
        Uncommon Goods uncommongoods.com

        Twenty-twenty has shown her the value of her right to vote, and now this 500-piece puzzle will help her learn more about the women who made it possible, from Susan B. Anthony to Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

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        Cotton Napper
        Bearaby bearaby.com

        Some weighted blankets can be an eyesore, but this knitted option from Bearaby is anything but. It comes in three different weights — 15, 20, and 25 pounds — to fit her needs, as well as a range of gorgeous colors to match her home's aesthetic. 

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        Ready to Roll Brush Set
        SEPHORA COLLECTION sephora.com

        If she's a makeup junkie, she knows that the type of brush you use is extremely important. So add this professional set of 10 brushes to her collection — they come in a black faux leather roll that makes it easy to pack up for travel.

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        Double Roller Mini
        Lululemon lululemon.com

        Style factor aside, this two-in-one foam roller works out all of the tension in her body: the exterior roller targets muscles in her arms and legs, while the interior roller is made for her back and large muscle groups. 

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        PRO Palette 3
        LORAC amazon.com

        Her everyday look could use a spruce-up — and this neutral eyeshadow palette by LORAC makes it possible. She can start off her look with their top-rated eye primer before working her way through 16 different matte and shimmery shades.

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        Mini Huggable Cooling + Heating Pad
        Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com

        For the days when you're away or, ya know, when she's feeling the pain. She can stick this lavender-infused plushie in the microwave or freezer to get it to the perfect temperature to ease her aches and pains.

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        Heated Animal Slipper
        Smoko urbanoutfitters.com

        These not-so-ferocious tiger slippers will keep feet warm and cozy. When plugged in, they heat up to the perfect temperature, making them a must-have on cold winter nights.

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        Press Pause
        Axel & Ash amazon.com

        Pausing life may be impossible, but this book prompts her to take time to recalibrate her mind before jumping into another week. For 52 weeks, the fill-in-the-blank pages encourage her to celebrate her accomplishments, fine-tune her learnings, and appreciate the simple things in life.

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